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Survey of CLD Partnerships

CLDMS asked all of its members whether they currently have a CLD Partnership in place, and what its relationship is to other Community Planning structures.

Dundee City- Off Road Motorbike Project

Dundee City’s Off Road Motorbike Project allows young people toride off-road bikes legally and safely. Offending rates by participants have dropped sharply.

CLDMS Annual Conference

Bookings are open for the Community Learning & Development Managers Scotland Annual Conference to be held on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 November 2011 in the Barceló Edinburgh Carlton Hotel, North Bridge Edinburgh.

CLD in the local press

We monitored mentions of CLD in Scotland’s local press for a couple of months. Here is some of what we read – it gives a flavour of the activities that CLD teams are involved in that get noticed in local communities.

Evaluating the Impact of CLD on National and Local Outcomes

LTS in conjunction with CLDMS commissioned Blake Stevenson Ltd to undertake research into the impact of CLD on national and local outcomes. The report is now available here.

CLD in Scottish local authorities: Changes and Pressures 2011/12

This report looks at how local authorities’ provision of CLD services may be changing in the light of pressures both for spending reductions and to contribute to achieving national priorities. It looks at changes in budgets and staffing, where services are located and what priorities have been set for them.

Reports from CLD discussions

Reports of dialogues between national partners on the role of CLD in learning and on community capacity building, held June 2011 are now available.

Evaluating the Impact of CLD – invitation to discussion

The report ‘Evaluating the Impact of CLD on National and Local Outcomes’ outlines five ‘strategic choices’. CLDMS is keen to ask all members and other interested parties to think about and comment on these choices.

Community Capacity Building – invitation to discussion

CLDMS members have discussed a summary of the issues and priorities for community capacity building. We would like to invite all members and other interested parties to add their comments on these issues and how they can be addressed.

Christie Commission calls for services built round communities

The Christie Commission on the Future of Public Services in Scotland has called for public services to be built around people and communities,