Dundee City- Off Road Motorbike Project

The Off-Road Motorbike Project was set up in 2000 to respond to the theft and illegal use of motorcycles in Dundee.  The Project targets young people aged between 13 and 16 years who have been identified as being at risk through the illegal use of motorbikes or who have been involved in anti-social or risk taking behaviour.

The Project works in partnership with Tayside Police, the Anti Social Behaviour Team, community organisations and individuals to promote the safe use of bikes and discourage illegal and anti-social behaviour.  A central feature  is the provision of a facility where young people can ride off-road motorbikes legally and in a safe environment. The Project provides activities which can divert young people from anti-social behaviour and enables young people to learn to ride motorbikes in a safe manner.

Young people are referred to the Project by a School, Agency or Police Officer.  To participate in the programme young people are required to demonstrate a reduction in offending and/or anti-social behaviour within School or the community for 3 months prior to the course and to continue this while participating.The Project runs on a 6 week programme, with a maximum of 6 young people per session.  There are two staff present for each session. The Project runs up to 6 times per year.

The programme is delivered by Community Learning and Development Youth Workers who support all sessions.  A key feature of the programme is the emphasis on addressing participants’ behavioural issues through team building and developing wider social skills.  The programme content is specifically designed around the needs of individuals on the course. Drop out rates from the programme are extremely low and only a very few of the young people who have been referred have not engaged with the Project.

The Table shows the difference in the rate of offending by two groups in the 2009/10 cohort.

Table: Offending Rates Before and After Participation

Group 1 Group 2
Before Programme 37 29
After Programme 11 1

The figures for offending rate before involvement in the Project cover a period of up to 2 years prior to the start of participation in the Project in 2010.  Moreover, every participating young person reduced anti-social behaviour and offending in the community or school during the 2 month period prior to and during the project.


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