Young Peoples Positive & Active Lifestyles, Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire Council Education & Leisure Services’ Youth Services Young carries out a Young People’s Positive & Active Lifestyles project, offering young people aged between 10-16 years suffering the effects of deprivation:

  • Evening, Friday / Saturday night and holiday activities
  • Activity sessions in community sports zones
  • Award programmes
  • Mobile sports equipment

An analysis of police statistics following project activities in Johnstone showed a significant decrease (in the 23 weeks after the first activity, compared to the previous 23) in the number of crimes committed by youths 17 and under, especially:

  • Group 4 (mainly vandalism or malicious behaviour) – 19% down
  • Group 6 (mainly breach of the peace, public drinking) – 11% down

Youth football

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