Young people overcoming barriers

One to one support from youth workers to young people at risk, delivered as part of a local authority CLD service and with other partners, has been shown to have extensive positive impacts on their lives, preventing future harm and cost in multiple ways.

Engaging with Gypsy Travellers in Kinross-shire

CLD workers got in touch with an almost invisible population of Gypsy Travellers who were not getting access to services and opportunities. They worked with people to identify their own issues. Participation in learning and other activities has increased and a group that is looking outwards to the wider community and engaging with national issues is being built.

Getting parents involved in children’s learning

The CLD team in the Ayrshire town of Maybole, working with local health services and other learning community partners, are just one of many that have put into practice an approach, long-established nationally, to helping parents of very young children to learn how to provide more everyday learning opportunities. They systematically gather feedback which demonstrates that the children are learning and the parents gaining in confidence. This is backed by research evidence from the national programme that shows major benefits for both children and parents.

Older people helping others in the community

Older people in the Mearns area run their own network, strongly supported by CLD and other partners, which provides the kind of services which, as their own research shows, have a preventative impact by increasing the independence of older people, and improving their capacity to take part in their communities.

A community making a difference – Cultenhove Opportunities

This study explores the impact of a CLD capacity building team supporting and working with a community organisation to increase community resilience, increase the capacity of the community to support vulnerable residents, and increase the quality of life through regeneration of the area and the development and use of greenspace.

Ex-offenders learning and making positive choices

An Adult Learning service, by building a close partnership with a Social Work service, has been able to build opportunities for learning and building skills and confidence in to Community Payback Orders imposed by the courts, and as a result participants have been able to gain better outcomes overall and respond positively to national programmes.

Adult literacies learning in Dundee

Rather than looking at one particular strand of work, as we do in other cases, here we consider the overall impact of the adult literacy learning services led by Dundee City Council. Systematic analysis has identified and put a value on the wide range of outcomes for learners’ lives that learning helps to deliver.

Dundee City- Off Road Motorbike Project

Dundee City’s Off Road Motorbike Project allows young people toride off-road bikes legally and safely. Offending rates by participants have dropped sharply.

Young Peoples Positive & Active Lifestyles, Renfrewshire

Positive activities in the community can lead young people to make better choices

Healthy Living Centres

Healthy Living Centres show how working in and with communities can improve health and well-being for a fraction of the cost of other types of service