CLDMS Conference 2015

The CLDMS Annual Conference was held in the Westerwood Hotel near Cumbernauld, 29-30 October, 2015.

On  29 October our theme was ‘Putting CLD Plans into practice’

On 30 October we looked at ‘CLD working against inequality and disadvantage’

Here are links to the presentations that were made to the conference and workshops, and some notes of discussions in the workshops.



Most of our discussion on 29 October took place in five workshop strands:

  • Shared performance measurement and evaluation: Robert Hynd (S Lanarkshire) (PPT presentation) & Jeannie Holles (Argyll & Bute) (PPT presentation)
  • Leadership and Partnership in CLD: Graham Hewitson (Angus) (Notes from discussion)
  • Putting the Adult Learning Statement of Ambition into practice: Eric Whitfield (East Renfrewshire) &  Edith MacQuarrie (Education Scotland) (PPT presentation) (Notes from discussion)
  • Putting our ambitions for community development into practice: Pam Crosthwaite (N Ayrshire) with John Galt (Education Scotland) (PPT presentation), Fiona Ballantyne (SCDN) (PPT presentation), Paul Nelis (SCDC) (PPT presentation) (Notes from discussion)
  • Learning from the planning process: practice exchange: Maggie Paterson (Inverclyde) with Karen Geekie (Education Scotland), Peter Taylor (CLDMS)

We also had presentations to the full conference on:

  • Learning from the CLD Plans: Karen Geekie (Education Scotland) & Peter Taylor (CLDMS) (PPT presentation)
  • The National Improvement Framework: Carol Copstick (Education Scotland) (PPT presentation)
  • Changes to inspection and QIs:  Sheila Brown (Education Scotland) (PPT presentation)


Our discussions on 30 October opened with a:

Presentation by Clare Beeston, Principal Public Health Adviser, Evaluation, NHS Health Scotland on ‘Health Inequalities: where they come from and what can be done’.  (PPT presentation) Discussions continued with Clare in the morning workshop on Poverty and disadvantage. (Notes from discussion).

Later in the day came a:

Presentation by Dr John McKendrick, Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University on ‘Poverty in Scotland’ (PPT presentation)

Most of our discussion on 30 October took place in six workshop strands:


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