Community Learning and Development in Scottish local authorities: a changing scene, 2012/13

CLDMS  has published the report of a survey of Community Learning and Development services in Scottish local authorities.

The pattern of who does what in Community Learning and Development is a confusing one across local authorities, and is apparently becoming more so. Yet national policy requires strategic direction over what the role of Community Learning and Development is and what priority is given to it.

Although on average CLD did not appear to suffer disproportionate cuts in 2012/13, some areas saw reductions in budgets and staffing which will have seriously weakened their services. When taken in combination with the other areas that have seen such reductions in at least one of the recent years or which expect them in 2013/14 or thereafter, the ability of CLD services to respond to the high expectations for them is under severe pressure.

In the great majority of cases there is a substantial basis of partnership working in place from which to build the type of strategic partnership work promoted by the Strategic Guidance for CLD.  In addition a high proportion of services are setting priorities which allow them to maximise their impact. Many are also promoting awareness of their impact in imaginative ways, although more could be done


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