Putting it into Practice

We are not arguing for the protection of specific existing services, organisations or projects. We are asking for an intelligent focus on what makes a difference.

  • Consider how outcomes can best be achieved
  • Mobilise the capacity of individuals and communities to deal with issues and prevent them from creating additional demands on services
  • Recognise that this capacity has to be built
  • Build engagement with communities into the process of public service reform
  • Protect and build on an existing small investment in community learning and development that has big consequences
  • Invest in existing mainstream services, in alternatives, and in the voluntary and community groups that are partners in delivering community learning and development
  • Above all, make sure that the approach to achieving outcomes is informed by the skills and values of community learning and development, not by a narrow focus on specific outputs. Then we can expect our impact to grow, rather than problems to multiply.

To download the document ‘Doing Things Differently’, go to our Resources page.

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