What we can offer

Adult learningWe can offer things that make us key agents in the task of delivering public services differently. They include:

  • A workforce with the necessary skills and values, working to a nationally recognised set of competences
  • An underlying commitment to working with individuals and communities in ways which strengthen their own ability to progress
  • A proven approach to reaching people who other services find hard to reach, especially the most disadvantaged
  • A strong familiarity with an outcomes focus

Sometimes we work with people in ways that are closely targeted on making specific changes – perhaps to their employability, or to health, offending behaviour, or environmental awareness.Often we aim to make a broader impact that allows people to make a range of changes.Our work achieves outcomes because it empowers people themselves to identify and make the changes that they need, through:

  • Understanding their own needs and finding solutions to problems
  • Increased personal and community effectiveness, well-being, or basic skills
  • Increased social capital and support to people within communities.

We focus on informal adult learning, on work with young people or on community development work. But CLD providers recognise that these approaches are linked and require the same core competencies and ethical approach.


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